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        Nantong effective purification equipment factory co., LTD was founded1993Years。In2015Years6Month in the center of the China electronic commerce association network intellectual property rights to promote successful registration“China's purification equipment manufacturers”Network copyright patent。The company is specialized in research and development、Production、Sales of air purification equipment。Its products are widely used in household air conditioner、Fresh air purification machine、Humidifier、The central air conditioning、Fresh air system, etc。 “The good faith、Struggle、Innovation、Development”Is the company's guiding ideology!Capable people to care for the environment、Return society、Caring staff such as social responsibility;The“There is no best only better”As constantly pursuing the goal!After 20 years of exploration and practice,Now our company products are mainly supply the gree、South KoreaLG、The Dutch philips and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad。
        Companies focus on product development and research,With many domestic authoritative research institutes、Famous colleges and universities in close cooperation,To establish lasting for a long time“Production”Joint research institutions。

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